5 of 101 Fitness Myths!

Part 1b on soulful Fitness

There are ‘n’ number of misconceptions on fitness and related area. These are the 5 basic myths that I believe should be erased at least by now!

  • Training Abs everyday.
  • More sweat-More burn.
  • Women ‘stay away from weights’.
  • Running – quick weight loss.
  • Training 7days a week .

1. Training Abs everyday.

It isn’t necessary to train you abs everyday in order to get it sculpted. Remember? ‘Abs are made in kitchen’ yes!! Working out in right posture and correct breathing techniques helps you to tone your abs as well. Even if you didnt train them separately.

You are what you eat. Obviously! Eat clean💓

2. More sweat-More burn.

This is something people never consider thinking about. What if you didnt workout at all, but the temperature is high and you sweat? Or one person is completely wet out of sweat and the other doesn’t even leave a drop of it? In both these scenarios is there anything to do with burning calories???

Now you got it. Its not the sweat that say our quality of training. Don’t get fooled. Train right, eat clean and be patient, you’ll be amazed at your result💓.


Ugh! This one really stopped me at the beginning, I couldn’t touch weights more that 2.5Kgs assuming that I’ll become bulky or to be exact, manly! Seriously?

Training with weights helps toning our body and make us look lean and fit at the same time.. Women are no different. Its the genetics that plays its role on looking manly with men. So girls get your weights and work your booty😉

Wake up beauty its time to beast up💓


Yes, I agree! Obviously we lose weight quick when we run miles daily. But what does it mean with fitness at a general level?

Running is good and healthy, improves cardiovascular system. However, remember that we tend to lose our muscles at the same time.. Muscles helps us define our body, boosts metabolism and much more.

So, its better if we balance cardio and weights training hand in hand


Fitness and health is all about doing good for our body and soul. Isn’t it necessary to rest this amazing creation? Doesn’t our body needs charge back on? So yeah! Rest day is as important as working out.

Please! Take a day or two off! Its all good

Allow to restore and replenish💓

Here we go! Why fitness??

Part: 1a on Soulful Fitness

Dear body and mind, I LOVE YOU 3000

Let me start by saying you that Fitness is completely dealing with our Internal wellbeing. At least on my perspective!

What Internal abilities does fitness give us ??

  • Increased vibration
  • Boosts confidence
  • Self love
  • Appearance


Yes! When you do any kind of physical activity on a daily basis, can you feel a sense of fulfilment or accomplishment? This indicates that you are vibrating at a higher frequency! Means that you are at peace and things will always be better and best!


People who workout regularly, push themselves harder every time. This makes them stronger my heart as well. Directly, they feel a sense of freedom for who they really are and stand for them.

I hope you have witnessed this in people who exercise, they tend to interact naturally, put their views on table no matter what, this shows their level of confidence 💓


Self love starts from taking Care of your body, mind and soul! Fitness is a way of taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing. Self love requires self discipline, as is fitness.

Fitness is as important as your business meetings, yeah! You can do 40% more profit or what so ever in life when you are active.

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody⚡.


Obviously, we all know.. In the beginning most of us, of not all, starts fitness to look a certain way. We have our idols who inspire us to start making better decisions. Nowadays, looking fit and healthy says a lot about who we really are.

Iam peace with my physical appearance😌

This is part 1a on fitness list!

More what’s, why’s And how’s are coming.

Happy and soulful Fitness to you

3Steps for a powerful morning 💕

Here are the 3 basic, yet most powerful habits to impore your morings.


Say Thank You! Yes be thankful for all the little things life has to offer for you. This increases your vibration and sets mood for a wonderful day ahead💓
  • Your bed
  • Family n friends that you have
  • Internet
  • Even for that you are alive now


Obviously, a great morning consists of this practice, a practice of peace and still ness. Meditation brings clarity to the mind. Releases stress and helps us connect the greater power, the universe itself 💫.

Art of stillness attracts anything amd everything💓


“Our body is our home”. Simple yet so significant. Its very important to cleanse your system, that to in the morning! A quick and easy way is to add grean juices or even a lemon water to start up with. This helps to detox your body, nourishes it as well.

Its never too late to start living well💓

These 3 steps results in increased focus, you become more conscious and healthy in a way very beautiful than before 💓💫


What is a Healthy lifestyle?

Fine. According to my view a healthy lifestyle is one filled with love and passion and thats it! Is there anything that we ever need?

A life where in you do things you are passionate about, which comes from the place of abundance and love.

From fitness, cooking, painting, trekking and what not.

A healthy lifestyle is the way you wanna drive your life. No matter wat the outside view is .

Life is what our own vision creates💓💫

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